A Bridge to Tea Time by DL Callaway

Bridgeworks by DL Callaway

Just Passing by by DL Callaway

Yggdresil By by DL Callaway

Spring Thaw by DL Callaway

Storm Warning by DL Callaway

Those Shoes by DL Callaway

Time To Relax by DL Callaway

Chez Amis features the original artwork of D L Callaway, a local artist, on the walls of the inn.  Original art or prints can be purchased from Chez Amis.

There are many definitions of Art and infinite debates on what it is. For me, art is something that brings a smile, a memory, or an insight that wasn’t there before the art was encountered. My art comes from a camera, a computer, and a lifetime love of the way light and color touch everything. My camera allows me to capture a moment of light, exactly as it appears, and then revisit that moment. The graphics let me go inside the movement to see other feelings and other possibilities. Sometimes the result is lively color to brighten a gloomy day, and sometimes I’m reminded there are things-that-go-bump. But no matter what I find in the image, from the simple to the complex, new pieces of light become pieces of my art.

D L Callaway


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