City Dock - Annapolis

Summer Street Markets

The Annapolis Boat Show

The Maryland State House

Annapolis Harbor

United States Naval Academy

Annapolis Attractions and Activities Nearby

Annapolis Attractions

When you stay at Chez Amis Bed and Breakfast you can enjoy all these great Annapolis attractions and activities. We also have many other suggestions to make the most of your stay in Annapolis.

Schooner Woodwind

WoodWind Sailing

Annapolis is "America's Sailing Capitol" in the heart of the Chesapeake Bay. Help raise the sails, steer the boat, or simply sit back and relax as "Woodwind" sails from the historic waterfront, past the Naval Academy and cruises into the Chesapeake Bay. The Woodwind Cruises infamous sailboat is best to book ahead of time.

Watermark Tours

Watermark Tours

Annapolis MD Walking Tours, Boat Cruises & Private Yacht Charters. Watermark Tours are the Best tours of Annapolis so book ahead of time.

United States Naval Academy

US Naval Academy The United States Naval Academy was founded in 1845 by the Secretary of the Navy, George Bancroft, in what is now historic Annapolis, MD. The history of the Academy has often reflected the history of the United States itself.

Annapolis Summer Garden Theatre


Annapolis Summer Garden Theatre is a wonderful troope that is fun and entertaining!

Paddle or Pedal at Quiet Waters Park

Located in both beautiful Quiet Waters Park in Annapolis, Maryland and Chesapeake Beach, Maryland our boat rental business is the perfect leisure activity for those looking to spend a fun and relaxing day on the water.  Quiet Waters Park's surrounding green forests and endless fields provide a scenic backdrop, adding further enjoyment to your boating experience.



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